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Nik Bin Teb Arya  history began in 2008.  We strive to redefine and improve therapies in novel and innovative ways to benefit patients  . Nik Bin Teb Arya  Ltd, based in Tehran Pardis Technology Park-Iran  , it manufactures  Ophthalmic cartridge & Injector and  a wide range of high quality ophthalmic   Micro Surgical Knives.

Nik Bin Teb Arya  , ophthalmic device product line features, “NBT OPHTHALMIC MICRO SURGICALS KNIVES”. The NBT  Knives can be compared to any leading Global Ophthalmic Knives in terms of Performance, Consistency, and Quality. The Total manufacturing technology, process & machinery has been produced by Nik Bin Teb Arya  and   from Germany.

NBT Cartrige & Injector and Ophthalmic Knives are manufactured through fully automated process & through  ELECTRO ETCHING process.

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