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Superior Quality

20 mg/ml


Sterile single-use syringe with 2 ml solution and single-use injection cannula, Luer lock

  • Free of conservation substances
  • No inflammable or immunogenic reactions
  • Easy to remove through irrigation and extracted at the end of the operation
  • Shelf life 60 months (5 yrs)

9G-Gel 2.0% HPMC is an isotonic, clear, viscoelastic and sterile solution for intraocular application and is an auxillary device during surgery of the anterior segment of the eye. 9G-Gel 2.0% HPMC maintains the depth of the anterior chamber and protects the surrounding intraocular tissue.
9G-Gel 2.0% HPMC serves as a volume substitute for aqueous humour during intraocular operations, such as lens extraction and insertion of an intraocular lens.

9G-Gel 2.0% HPMC maintains the depth of the anterior chamber during surgery and reduces the danger of traumatisation of the corneal endothelium, the iris and the ciliary body by contact with surgical instruments.


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