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Maximize your technology investment by configuring the Scanmate Flex to meet your needs

The Scanmate Flex, a portable, ophthalmic ultrasound platform, is the perfect product to enhance your practice’s diagnostic capabilities. The Flex provides any desired combination of A-Scan, B-Scan, and UBM. Its hallmark is flexibility.


The Flex A-Scan uses DGH’s proven alignment algorithm to obtain repeatable and accurate axial length measurements. The IOL calculator is easy to use and includes most modern and post refractive formulas.


The redesigned B-Scan Probe, new with the Flex, provides clear imaging of the posterior segment of the eye, even when optical clarity is compromised.


The Flex UBM probe is indispensable when obtaining high resolution images of the anterior segment of the eye, including images of structures concealed by the iris or corneal opacities.


The Flex can be placed on a desk or counter, mounted on the wall, or moved around in a cart.

The Scanmate software is offered as an unrestricted license, meaning it can be installed on multiple workstations to operate independently or as a networked system. Patient records are stored in a database that is easily searchable and can be backed-up using an in-program backup tool.

The Flex is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, making the unit totally portable. The Flex carrying case is designed to hold both the Flex and a tablet PC so the entire system can be used without being removed from the case – perfect for transporting between multiple sites.



The Scanmate Flex B-Scan probe enables clinicians to capture clear and precise images and videos of the posterior segment of the eye. Ultrasonic B-scans are effective, even when opacities (such as dense cataract, blood, or anatomical structures) are present which obscure optical technologies.

The B-Scan probe is available in both 12.5 MHz and 20 MHz frequencies. Among the on-screen tools are calipers to measure structures, an area measurement tool and an annotation tool that gives you a way to indicate pathologies on the image.

B-Scan Diagnostic Applications

The Flex B-Scan delivers clear images of the posterior portion, even when optical clarity is compromised. B-Scan imaging can aid the evaluation of:

  • Retinal Detachments
  • Vitreous Detachments
  • Vitreous Humor Pathologies
  • Staphylomas
  • Posterior Segment Pathologies
  • Choroidal Pathologies
  • Optic Nerve Pathologies
  • Scleral Thickening

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