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Offline Wi-Fi notification system

The offline Wi-Fi notification system can provide users with predetermined notifications without the need for the Internet. This device is now used in beauty clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, beauty centers, Autogalleries and… have met with a unique welcome. Application examples in different centers: Beauty clinic: Can a doctor collect posters, magazines, and mass prints in the waiting room and replace this system with a mass volume of papers. For example, before and after injecting lip gel. , before and after rhinoplasty or other types of plastic surgery, improvement of skin problems before and after drug administration, etc. Ophthalmologists: explanation about the conventional cataract operation in the form of a PDF file, providing a sample of the surgery in the form of a video, etc. This device is exclusively owned by the Nik Bein Tab company, please contact us if you have any questions and arrange to see the demo Contact the company in person.

This company has an elite sales team; Strong engineering and support team that has one of the best after-sales service,which has attracted the satisfaction of doctors and patients over the past years and has a good market share.

Nik bin Teb Ariya has bought Right Ariya Vision company and also has expanded the field of diagnostic work. Our company also operates in the field of electronics and the digital world including wifi offline design and sales.

The management team of this company have a continuous effort to cooperate with other foreign and domestic companies in the field of import, export and production and welcome business cooperation. To this end, we will provide better and more services to the Iranian people.


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